In times of universal deceit, telling
the truth is a revolutionary act.
         - George Orwell

Napoleon once observed that "history" is a set of lies agreed upon. In an era of ubiquitous fake news and information warfare, this has never been more true. The very concept of objective truth in history is fading out of our world. Pure propaganda and outright lies are passing into our history textbooks as unquestioned truth, condemning future generations to false views about historical reality. But the task of sifting through the lies and propaganda is overwhelming, limited by the ambition and time constraints of most observors. Only those who have dedicated their lives to sorting reality from falsehood are qualified to rewrite "consensus" history as a duty to humanity. The contributors to this site endeavor to do just that.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

George Webb - Truthseeker Extraordinaire

              Please visit the YouTube:  George Webb Channel

     Every once in a while we encounter an extraordinary individual whose whole life and being centres around searching for the Truth and sharing it with the world.  One such person is George Webb, the nom de plume of an American truthseeker who uses open source intelligence gathering tools to unravel the secrets of Washington's underworld and publishes them on his YouTube channel by the same name.
     Running for 150 days straight without a break, George Webb's recent conspiracy-intelligence channel takes advantage of leads provided by his viewers to weave an ever-more complex web of connections that provide the clues for prosecutors to go after high crimes in high places.  Asking for nothing in return, Webb serves as an ideal model for a new generation of researchers and truthseekers who aim to use the immediacy and connectivity of social media to crack conspiracies in real time and bring justice back to a System gone rogue.

George Webb began his recent 'Shadow Tyranny' series on YouTube in early November, 2016, after Clinton Foundation head Eric Braverman mysteriously went missing.  Webb began by asking, "Where is Eric Braverman?", suspecting he "knew too much" and was either dead or in hiding for his intimate knowledge of Clinton dirty deeds.  Recall that at the time of the election, Wikileaks revelations and FBI investigations were bringing to light the dark underside of Hillary's pay-to-play dealings worldwide.  Webb sought answers as to Braverman's whereabouts and invited viewers to add comments to each video in a collaborative effort to expose the Clinton global criminal empire.  Down the rabbit-hole he went, following leads wherever they took him, and five months later, the findings are nothing short of shocking.

The saga started when an email released from Wikileaks revealed that Hillary Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta had named Braverman as a mole within the Foundation.  On January 18, 2017, after missing for 88 days, Braverman reappeared.  The Silicon Valley Business Journal reported that former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman would be joining the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Group, a left-wing "philanthropic" organization. During his disappearance, he left clues that he was still alive, inviting the curious to "follow the money", much as the smoking-man leaker did for reporter Bob Woodward during Watergate.  Webb took him up on the offer, and what he found has exposed a series of smoking guns that point to a criminal underworld connected to the clintons and the CIA that should make us sick to our stomach.

The open source investigation led first to Haiti, where the Clinton Foundation was ostensibly doing "charity" work to help the impoverished nation following the devastating 2010 earthquake.  The reality is the Clinton Foundation was keeping some 95% of the donations slated for Haitian recovery, to the tune of billions of dollars.  Worse still, orphaned children were going missing under 'Team Rubicon' operations coordinated by the Foundation.  Many of these children ended up being trafficked internationally, most for pedophilic sex networks, some ending up on the Lolita Express private jet of Jeffrey Epstein - long-time Clinton associate and convicted sex offender - and taken to St. James Island in the Bahamas for exploitation.

Worse still, thousands of Haitians were being 'disappeared' in the middle of the night at Clinton-run "health clinics", their organs harvested for sale to rich US recipients while their bodies were dumped in nearby lakes and the Atlantic ocean.  Dr. Paul Farmer and the Cleveland Clinic are at the centre of this illegal organ-harvesting network, along with DynCorp.  With organs and bone marrow from a single healthy human body fetching more than a million dollars on the black market, Haitians were more valuable dead than alive.

DynCorp has been at the centre of international human and sex trafficking networks for more than 25 years, and has trained military police forces in numerous countries to protect the illegal networks that profit from organ harvesting, especially in Haiti, Congo, Kosovo and Syria.  The practice has even extended into the United States, with Homan Square in chicago operating as ground zero for illegal organ harvesting from 'disappeared' criminals who get taken to the secret facility.

Equally damning are the discoveries Webb has made into the CIA's "Brownstone" operations.  This involves the luring of high-level politicians from Washington and other countries into sexual encounters with prostitutes (at first) and underaged boys and girls later on.  The sexcapades are then secretly videotaped and used to blackmail these politicians into obeying orders from super-elites like the Clintons and Bushes.  The operatives in this vast tyrannical network are using the playbook called The Phoenix Program, developed during the Vietnam War.  This playbook involves all the tools used by conspirators to control and eliminate opposition to illegal activities, including extortion, blackmail, bribery, asset forfeiture, torture and assassination.  These methods have become standard operating procedure in Washington, and have expanded to a host of American allies.

One of the most interesting means of control and "brownstoning" of potential allies revealed by Webb is the use of Christian organizations to harass people into quiesence.  Groups like Catholics In Action, and Catholics In Action (both using the acronym C.I.A., by no coincidence), receiving direction from 'The Fellowship' (aka The Family) in Washington, take damning information about lawyers and politicians who are proving problematic to the conspiratorial elite and use it to harass and shame them into silence.  In many cases, people are "run out of town" and even out of the country for attempting to bring the conspiratorial power elite to justice.  This is done out of a sense of self-righteousness and "doing God's work".

Recent evidence trails dug up by Webb have led to the discovery that heroin is being smuggled into the United States from Pakistan inside mangos, shipped directly to Chicago.  Interestingly, many of the Podesta and Abedin emails exposed by Wikileaks show an odd fixation with Mango shipments from Pakistan.  Intimately involved in the shipments are the Awan brothers, three Pakistani I.T. specialists hired by the leaders of the Democratic Party in Washington to manage many of the computers and networks inside the Capitol building. And only last month, these same offices on Capitol Hill where the Awan Brothers worked were broken into and servers stolen; many suspect an inside job, and the mainstream media has been deafly silent. Several investigators have pointed to these same Awan brothers as being behind the installation of malware on a number of computers designed to hack key Washington computer networks and compromise president Trump in the process.  Webb postulates that Umbrage, the CIA hacking tool exposed in the Vault 7 Wikileaks files, was used to plant fake IP address links between Trump officials and the Russian bank Alpha. Thanks to Webb's connecting-the-dots, the Awan brothers story became headline news on March 22nd on RT, breaking through mainstream media silence on the matter up to this point.

Most Americans will find it hard to believe that the high crimes of the Clintons get this sinister.  This is due to the complicity of the mainstream media which, since only a handful of interconnected CEO's own the major outlets, are more interested in serving power than exposing corruption.  A lot of people are lining their pockets by the trafficking of drugs and human organs, and few are willing to stick their neck out to expose the illegal activities for fear it gets cut off.  We should applaud George Webb, therefore, for having the courage and tenacity to stick his own neck out day after day to provide the clues and leads to the few politicians and prosecutors who love their country more than comfort and security and are willing to go after the swamp monsters.

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