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         - George Orwell

Napoleon once observed that "history" is a set of lies agreed upon. In an era of ubiquitous fake news and information warfare, this has never been more true. The very concept of objective truth in history is fading out of our world. Pure propaganda and outright lies are passing into our history textbooks as unquestioned truth, condemning future generations to false views about historical reality. But the task of sifting through the lies and propaganda is overwhelming, limited by the ambition and time constraints of most observors. Only those who have dedicated their lives to sorting reality from falsehood are qualified to rewrite "consensus" history as a duty to humanity. The contributors to this site endeavor to do just that.

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Friday, August 25, 2017

CIA Agent Whistleblower Exposes The Shadow Government

 Lecture by Kevin Shipp, at an event put on by and Dane Wigington
Shipp is the author of
 'The Tyranny of Secrecy'

       Kevin Shipp, former CIA Anti-Terrorism Specialist, has turned whistleblower.  At a recent event hosted by anti-geoengineering crusader Dane Wigginton, he spilled the beans on how the US has been overtaken by a Shadow Government that is destroying the planet through war and corruption.
       Shipp noted that for the past year or so, it is finally safe to talk about the "Deep State".  However, people are still shy when it comes to talking about the Shadow Government.

They are not the same thing.  The Deep State is the interconnected network of individuals who inhabit a vast multi-trillion-dollar matrix operating behind the scenes, and it is this secretive nexus of institutions that we need to shed more light on.

The USA was designed in the late 1700's to be a constitutional government.  The Constitution is supposed to be the supreme law of the land.  If members of the government violate the constitution, they have committed a felony and are supposed to suffer the full extent of the law.  But since the creation of the National Security Act of 1947, the USA has been a post-constitutional government.

The Shadow Government operates under a cloak of secrecy. Their fuel is fear and intimidation.  It is intertwined with the Deep State, which is fueled by money, power and greed.

Since the reshuffling of intelligence post-9/11, the DNI (Director of National Intelligence) has 17 agencies under him that are supposed to answer directly to him.  But the reality is, there are two agencies which are still rogue and answer to no one:  the CIA and the NSA.  These top two tiers constitute the Shadow Government.  The CIA was really created by the Council on Foreign Relations, which has controlled the mainstream media in the US since the 1920s.

Congress is directly tied into the military-industrial complex through political donations and lobbying.  The CIA owns most of the smaller defense contractors. Large portions of the profits from these CIA cut-outs end up going to the PACS of congressmen to help them get elected so they enact legislation that favours US interventionism abroad.

The Federal Reserve is tied in with all this as well, and in turn, so is Wall Street.  It was Wall Street attorneys, afterall, who comprised the core of the CIA during its inception in 1947.
The Shadow Government also ties into the IMF and World Bank, who dominate the finances of the Third World through loan programs.  The fuel of the system of control is money.  Perpetual war needed to keep the whole show going.

The research of William Arkin and Dana Priest found that there are over 10,000 geographical sites inside the continental USA that house facilities that work directly for the Shadow Government.  There are a minimum (acknowledged) 4,800,000 Americans who have security clearnaces in connection with this shadow nexus.  All of them have signed secrecy agreements which require that they never reveal any of the work they are involved in, for the rest of their lives.  Of these, 850,000 people hold 'top secret' clearances.  They can't talk about anything they see or do, even if they witness illegal activities.  If they try to blow the whistle, the government will invariably seal their case, throw them in prison, and destroy their lives.

The Congressional Armed Services Committee includes 48 hand-selected Congressmen who conduct all oversight deliberations in secret.  All of them are under the heavy lobbying influence of the top five military contractors.  One of these, Lockeheed Martin, is intimately tied to the Orwellian tactics that keep the system running in perpetuity. Lockheed's IT systems track all of the interactions between every American citizen and the IRS, as well as all of the mail which tracks through the federal postal service.  They even control the biometrics systems used at the nation's ports-of-entry, performing such functions as obtaining and maintaining the IRIS scans in all major airports.

Booz Allen Hamilton is the 'second arm' of the CIA. This is the firm Edward Snowden worked for before escaping to Russia to seek asylum to protect himself from a life spent in prison for revealing the extensive surveillance programs of the NSA and CIA.

On the books, there is at least $1 trillion in military spending and defense-related spending which takes place in the US each year, but the unofficial numbers are even greater.  The US also sells $46 billion in foreign arms per year to tie other nations' defense and intelligence agencies into the US monolith.  $300 billion in military and intelligence spending was alotted to Saudi Arabia recently during President Trump's first overseas trip as president.  Senators and Congressmen profit personally from this global war machine.  Senator John McCain, for example, is known as the top Senator pushing the war agenda.  He earns a minimum of  $700,000 per year in lobbying fees by the contractors to push for war.

The Secret Intelligence-Industrial Complex involves four main agencies:  the CIA , NSA, NRO, and NGA.  After them we can include the CACI, CSRA, SAIC, and Leidos Holdings.  On-the-record financing for these agencies totals more than $50 billion per year of US taxpayer dollars to fund their "intelligence" work.  $600 billion goes directly to the Pentagon.  $150 billion goes to foreign bases to keep them funded around the world.  $5.9 billion in direct assistance goes to allies like Israel, Egypt and Pakistan.  In total, there is a total of more than $800 billion (that we know of) going to this Shadown Government system of war and control.  Yet, when government cut-backs are required to keep the ballooning deficit under control, it is always things like Health Care and Social Security which receive the cuts.  The US has an unofficial 20% unemployment rate, crumbling infrastructure, and numerous social ills due to this massive wastage of government tax dollars.

The CIA is at the heart of this system of control and covert operations.  They are behind most of the contractors to the military-inustrial-intelligence complex.  They are largely independent of the oversight even of the DNI.

The costs to the rest of the world are staggering.  There were a mimimum of 500,000 deaths in Iraq alone due to the illegal US war.  Deaths by covert operations are even harder to calculate.  The In Unholy Alliance, by Paul Williams, we learn that Operation Gladio killed at least 480 innocent civilians in Italy alone.

The CIA has been regularly manipulating both the Congress and the judiciary for decades.  It is accountable only to the President, not to Congress.  There is no mention of who has ultimate authority for the covert operations it carries out in its charter.  The charter was deliberately left vague, with no restrictions on or oversight of its operations.  Thus, it has operated with impunity.  Even the number of people it employs is classified.

Since at least the 1960's there has been an ever-greater war between the elected government and the Shadow Government in the CIA and NSA.  The Shadow Government employees vastly more people than Congress:  there are 23 Capitol buildings-worth of people employed by the CIA and NSA that we know of.  Under John Brennan, the CIA is proven to have hacked the communications of all Senators, and yet there were no reprocussions.  Even President Obama was powerless to do anything about the hacking.

One of the reasons why President Trump has been so mercilessly attacked by the Deep State is that he was not groomed in their network and does not belong to the secret societies behind them.  The Shadow Government is terrified of Trump because they're afraid that he might expose any number of top-secret skeletons in the closet.  His 'independence' and uncontrollability was enough to cause House leader Chuck Shumer to warn that the CIA "has six ways from Sunday of getting back at him" if Trump exposes too much.

The FISA court system is a secret court created by the NSA to control the flow of information that should be readily available to the public in an open and transparent democracy.  This court determines who the NSA is permitted to surveill domestically.  Of the thousands of requests made, only a dozen have been refused.

The new data collection center in Utah is the new brain of the NSA and should be feared by everyone.  It is a data vacuum cleaner, collecting everything on everyone around the globe.

The entire CIA budget is secret, so Congress can't control what to fund and what not to fund.  It is political suicide for any Congressman who tries to dig too deep into CIA activities.  There exists a revolving door between private industry and the CIA and political office.  Congress is full of statesmen - people feeding the usurpation of power by these entities.  They have reduced themselves to yes-men for an evil system that has no legal barriers.  The Shadow Government is bi-partisan, and the Bush-Clinton family alliance has been the key to this two-party tyranny for over four decades.

Illicit funds keep coming in to the tune of billions, funding the next wave of secret operations.  Congressional hearings continue to get stonewalled at the same time that these agencies perform intense surveillance on Congress members themselves.  These agencies and their covert operations are responsible for countless human rights violations around the globe and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.  They even devise a "kill-list" for the President to sign off on - a list of people slated for assassination worldwide.  Still, whistleblowers are silenced.

Under the COG - Continuity of Government - established after 9/11, the Constitution of the US was suspended.  The US has literally been under a state of emergency ever since.
If you play by the rules, you get rewarded.  The Presidential Medal of Freedom is regularly awarded to members of the establishment who play by these rules.

The years 1947-8 were the years the US lost its Constitution by creating the CIA.  Fifteen years later, JFK warned against the emerging secrecy state - cryptocracy - in a major speech that went unheeded.  To this day, we can't know the truth about anything because "it's classified."  "State Secrets Privilege" is the worst enemy of free societies, as it protects the government whenever it engages in unconstitutional activity.

WHY IS NO ONE SPEAKING OUT?  Because of the silencing of whistleblowers.  They are consistently put under a gag order, prevented from speaking publicly about the crimes they witness - not even to their own spouses.  It is a system of entrapment. The various Whistleblower Protection Acts are farces, and have only made the tyranny worse.  All Shadow Government employees work within a refined system that destroys anyone trying to expose it.  People are regularly put in prison, shot, and silenced.

How can we put a stop to all of this?  Only by a powerful grassroots civil movement.  It will require the maximum use of social media and the Internet to wake people up out of their complacency.  Everyone in Congress needs to be fired.  Only a demand for total intelligence agency reform if not abolishment will suffice.  The government is supposed to serve the people, not repress them and engage in massive fraud and incessant global warfare.  The chosen weapon of tyranny is fear, and people need to stand up en masse and stop being afraid.  We owe it to future generations to stop this tyranny before we find ourselves in a permanent Martial Law situation.

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