In times of universal deceit, telling
the truth is a revolutionary act.
         - George Orwell

Napoleon once observed that "history" is a set of lies agreed upon. In an era of ubiquitous fake news and information warfare, this has never been more true. The very concept of objective truth in history is fading out of our world. Pure propaganda and outright lies are passing into our history textbooks as unquestioned truth, condemning future generations to false views about historical reality. But the task of sifting through the lies and propaganda is overwhelming, limited by the ambition and time constraints of most observors. Only those who have dedicated their lives to sorting reality from falsehood are qualified to rewrite "consensus" history as a duty to humanity. The contributors to this site endeavor to do just that.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Phoenix: My Worldview, and a Statement of Principles

       Here are the fundamental realities of my worldview and some intimations of what I think is important in life at this stage of human civilization:

       I enjoy hedonistic pleasures just as much as the next person.  Fine food, beautiful women, live orchestras, fast cars, hot tubs, a glass of wine, etc all have their appeal.  I have pursued these and many other worldly pleasures without guilt, but I do not consider them the be-all and end-all of existence. The promotion of love and compassion, the alleviation of suffering, and the expanding of consciousness are far nobler goals, and I have increasingly sought to cultivate these aspirations in my self as I get older.  Indeed, from a young age I endeavored to move beyond selfish gratification and to devote my time and energies into both understanding the world I live in and to influence it.  In terms of net impact, I must admit that I have mostly failed in the latter quest, but that does not diminish the great strides I have made in understanding.  Arguably, the investment I have made in understanding our world is the greatest asset I have.

This investment in understanding came at a great cost:  a $25,000 university education, $100,000+ in library material acquisition, and 50,000 hours of research over 35 years. I don't look back at these investments as a burden; it was a drive, a passion, an obsession.  I had to forego other things, however - most notably, dating, marrying, and starting a family.  I also could have been working more and saving money for the future, rather than having my head buried in books and newspapers all the time.  What I felt I was uncovering was a world of conspiracy and corruption - a world destined for world war and revolution.  I made sacrifices so that I could achieve a superior understanding of the world in which we live, so that I could become a leader in what I imagined would be a post-revolutionary world.  The climax of global crises which I have long perceived as inevitable is only now beginning to unfold.

My understanding of the world and critique of the forces which rule over it are to be found in my four-volume work, Universal Destiny (2008).  This is a 1000-page tome of conspiracies designed to snap people out of a Judeo-Christian paradigm of understanding of the forces we're up against.  Apocalyptic Christianity as a worldview - with its notions of Anti-Christ and Armageddon - has been effectively used against us by elites, insofar as America's "next war" (a recurring event) is always couched in Book of Revelations imagery for the express purpose of rallying the troops and giving the war a veneer of divine sanction.  The CIA and military-industrial complex feeds off of this good-versus-evil paradigm, with ready-made enemies manufactured to fill the role of Biblical archetypes.

The short memories and propaganda-informed limited understandings of the average American facilitate their perpetual duping, and the wars never cease.  Such is the case today with ISIS and Russia - manufactured threats designed to keep the trillions in war profits flowing while justifying preparations for World War V.

I say 'World War V' - not III - because that's what the Pentagon's own documents refer to.  World War III was the Cold War, and was fought and won through 'soft' means and proxy wars, resulting in the collapse of Communism worldwide during the 1990's.  Even China, with its one-party state and continued employment of Marxist/Maoist symbolism, is fully integrated into the global capitalism system. World War IV has been waged for 16 years now, and is commonly known as the 'War on Terror', once renamed 'The Long War.'  It is the insidious war being conducted everywhere simuntaneously, including within Western nations themselves through the piecemeal deployment of security state apparati.  We are all living in an Orwellian nightmare now, where our every phone call, our every text, Internet search, bank transaction, and physical movement is being monitored and algorithmically processed into Big Data personal profiles - all of which is information which "can and will be used against you in a court of law."  Under the terms of this new regime, War has become peace. Freedom has become slavery. Ignorance has become strength.

World War V is being planned daily, and is due to break out any week now. We will witness its culmination over the next three years.  It involves crashing the global economy and instituting a new cashless society and global currency.  It also involves nuking Russia.  As insane as it sounds, the Pentagon is determined to pre-emptively attack Russia and enforce regime-change upon a nation that has been decapitated by nuclear weapons.  The war-game scenarios point to losses between 300 million and 1.2 billion deaths globally - deemed a "small price to pay" to win the world. The current jockeying and provocations, not to mention "blame Russia" narratives repeated ad naseum from the mainstream media in the west, are all designed to psychologically prepare the people of the world for this "inevitability", and to ensure that Russia is seen as the blameworthy for the global disaster.

In the meantime, Western culture and society is being attacked from a hundred different angles. Refugees are being deliberately uprooted and encouraged to emigrate to the West to destroy the moral fabric of society and create hatred and division. Islamic fundamentalism is being fomented to create both a bogeyman to scapegoat and a sympathy for "non-radical" Muslims who nonetheless represent the antithesis of traditional Western values.  Surveillance is becoming ubiquitous, and we are now afraid to voice our genuine thoughts and feelings lest we be scooped up under some new "anti-hate" and/or "anti-terrorism" law.  The values which underpin Western civilization are being chipped away - by design - by fascist forces in high places.

Our media is being bought up by a handful of interconnected corporate masters answering only to the intelligence agencies at the top. They have become organs of pure propaganda for our ruling masters in the secret societies.  Our schools are becoming militarized baby-sitting outfits where teachers have to watch what they say lest the "thought police" intervene and cost them their job.  Police forces are being turned into mercenary squads, killing the "unwanted" while sending millions of others into the horrific prison-industrial complex for negligible crimes. Our food is being poisoned and turned against us by GMO's.  We're being herded into vaccine programs designed to dumb us down and sterilize us. Our skies are being laced with chemtrails and morgellons, and our climate is being changed by unseen forces.  Resource upon resource is being used up and squandered as the oceans die and the lungs of the world - the rainforests - continue to be be cut down at an unprecedented rate.  Lie upon lie is being told to us, yet we sleepwalk through the nightmare.  We are headed for planetary disaster.

I am a Truthseeker.  I am trying to shine a light on these dark subjects in an effort to wake people up from their slumber.  "Minding your own business" and being silent while the world around you slides into war and totalitarian nightmare is not an option.  Now is the time to act.  Now is the time to say "Enough is enough."

The first place to begin is the Self.  Get right with yourself and with God.  Stop harming yourself:  eat right, quit drinking and smoking and doing drugs, exercise and take up yoga and meditation. Then expand your circle of right-living to those closest around you.  Expand your compassion. Open your mind. Embark on a crash-course of learning about the evils of this world.  Do not despair, but embrace righteousness and truth.  Work to engender a Universal Destiny for all mankind - a destiny that sees no human being left behind.  By working to relieve the suffering of future generations of human beings, we work to further the Divine Plan for the cosmos.  Embrace love, and see your life as a priceless gift from the universe that finds ultimate meaning in the giving of life and love to others.  This is it.  We have only one shot.  And it is now...
The above account of my beliefs form a synopsis of my worldview.  Now I will endeavor to break things down (in point form) and get more specific:

On Trump:  I focus a lot on American politics because the US war-machine state apparatus is corrupt to the core and threatens to destroy civilization.  The corruption is long-standing and festering, dating back at least 54 years (the assassination of JFK), and arguably 104 years (the creation of the Federal Reserve).  Sinister forces, best represented by the alphabet agencies (CIA, ONI, NSA, NGA, DHS, etc), have corrupted the liberal democratic character of the United States and turned it into a vast criminal enterprise.  Drug trafficking, child trafficking, organ harvesting, banking fraud, etc. have infested the body politic and become institutionalized on a massive scale.  The system is now in overdrive trying to protect these criminal networks implanted within government.  Donald Trump may have his flaws as a human being, and in many regards represents "more of the same" in terms of billionaires fleecing the economy, but he differs from the past four presidents insofar as his instincts incline him to go after the most egregious criminals and to "drain the swamp" which is Washington.  I do not like a lot of what Donald Trump stands for, but I think he is the legitimate president and should be allowed to serve out his full term.  I don't think this will happen, because the criminal networks ("Deep State") are keen to remove him before he exposes too much of the incessant crime listed above perpetrated by the likes of the Clintons and Bushes.  My best guess is that he will be removed by year's end.

On World War:  I don't think this can be stopped.  The momentum of the military-industrial complex and their drive towards war against Russia and China is too great to stop. Hundreds of thousands of people employed by this complex depend on the perpetual status of these two nations (along with Iran and North Korea) as "Evil Empires", with America on a perpetual war-footing against them.  Tensions are ratcheted up for a reason - it's good for business (arms sales, covert operations, coup d'etats, etc).  But this extreme tension - epitomized by the latest round of sanctions against Russia, North Korea and Iran - creates an environment that inevitably leads to war.  Again, I don't think we will make it to year's end before World War V begins, and I don't think we will make it through 2018 before we see nuclear mushroom clouds on the nightly news.  The only question is how many millions will have to die before the war becomes contained.  I am not optimistic, due to the "fog of war" and the impulse to retaliate.  I expect human civilization as we know it will come to an end before 2020.

On Artificial Intelligence:  Elon Musk is right - we have no idea of the nature of this beast we are creating and how it will negatively impact free societies.  Here I turn to Yuval Hariri, author of Homo Deus (2016).  Hariri contends that artificial intelligence (AI) will change humankind in multiple unfathomable ways, none of them conducive to the spreading of freedom and democracy.  To the contrary, AI will become our masters, and we are already dangerously close to this happening.  So if we didn't have enough to worry about with World War V, we certainly will when AI takes over our lives in unknown ways.

On the Economy:  I listen to the experts:  Jim Rickards, Bill Holter, Jim Sinclair, Andy Hoffman, Gerald Celente, Michael Pento, Mitch Feierstein, John Embry, Marc Faber, Egon von Greyerz, Jim Willie, David Stockman, Paul Craig Roberts, Catherine Austin Fitts, and numerous other contrarians to the "everything is fine!" mainstream economists. These people all agree on one thing:  the debt-based fiat-money global financial system we now find ourselves in is unsustainable and will lead to a sudden and dramatic collapse, far worse than the 2008 collapse that almost bankrupted every bank on the planet. Every one of these economic experts agrees that we will not make it another year before this Uber-collapse happens, and when it does, the entire world will be bankrupt.  The entire world could end up looking like the streets of Venezuela today.

On Survival:  Given the imminent threats to human survival described above, I think it is imperative to take precautionary measures now, including:  1) Preserving wealth in either gold, silver, or crypto-currencies, 2) Stockpiling food and water,  3) Providing security/self-defense for friends and family, and 4) Having off-the-grid "safe places" to go to in the event of extreme emergencies.  Things could get ugly quickly, particularly if the events listed about happen simultaneously.

On Religion:  Our inner strength is ultimately what is going to save us - not guns or silver coins or bottled water.  We face tough times ahead, and all the "snowflakes" out there who have squandered their time playing video games and watching television are going to be sorely awoken.  There will be a lot of suffering in the years ahead, and only strength of character will pull you through.  This involves the ability to endure physical hardships.  Health needs to be seen as a top priority leading up to these hardships.  Relationships with others - friends, family, and community - need to be fostered and strengthened.  We will need "faith", in the broadest sense of the term.  It will be a mistake to interpret what is happening in the world through the lens of "prophecy" - be it Islamic or Christian or otherwise.  Jesus isn't going to come down from a cloud and save us.  Neither are the aliens.  The battle is an internal one, and we'd be better off getting prepared by studying (and practicing) Buddhism and yoga rather than trying to interpret the Book of Revelations.

On the Future of Humanity:  Don't lose hope.  World War V, economic collapse, artificial intelligence, and the like are all inevitabilities we must contend with and grow and evolve out of.  Yes, millions of people are about to needlessly die, but humanity as a whole will survive.  We need to keep hope, and freedom, alive.  We need to practice compassion in our everyday living.  We need to act on behalf of future generations, who are counting on us to not extinguish the human flame forever.  A Universal Destiny beckons us - one in which the entire human family is invited to partake in the glory of God and achieve our human potential.  This will only come about when we emerge out the other side of the trials and tribulations we now face.  Brace yourselves.  It's going to be a rough ride...

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