In times of universal deceit, telling
the truth is a revolutionary act.
         - George Orwell

Napoleon once observed that "history" is a set of lies agreed upon. In an era of ubiquitous fake news and information warfare, this has never been more true. The very concept of objective truth in history is fading out of our world. Pure propaganda and outright lies are passing into our history textbooks as unquestioned truth, condemning future generations to false views about historical reality. But the task of sifting through the lies and propaganda is overwhelming, limited by the ambition and time constraints of most observors. Only those who have dedicated their lives to sorting reality from falsehood are qualified to rewrite "consensus" history as a duty to humanity. The contributors to this site endeavor to do just that.

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Project THOR: Tungsten Needles From Space

     One of the most secretive weapons in the US arsenal is the tungsten projectile nicknamed "rods from god."  They number in the hundreds, and are part of Project THOR - a system designed to have the bunker-busting capability of a small nuclear weapon, but without the radiation.  The rods - twenty feet long and about a foot wide - are fired from secret satellites in space, and achieve speeds of mach-5 before hitting their target.  The hardened Tungsten (one of the hardest substances in the world) can penetrate up to 500 metres into the ground, and causes a blast similar to a small nuclear warhead.
       Some observers have speculated that the United States used one of these weapons against China in 2015, hitting the Tianjin industrial area outside Beijing, causing billions of dollars in damage and the deaths of hundreds of people in retaliation for behind-the-scenes power plays between the rival superpowers.  Certainly, any future warfare operations against Iran or North Korea will see the deployment of such weapons by the United States.
       Watch the following video to learn more:


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